Arnold W.

You can NOT go wrong with Mama Vera's for variety and quality of food! Unlike people that have reviewed "delivery" problems, I am reviewing the food, and really I have tried every menu item over the years, everything is very good to excellent. Sometimes when I want ribs they are sold out, but am I mad? NO, it just means people love their ribs like me.

So heck I'll order the Pasta, Mexican, and even salads... tell me you have better anywhere, even sit down restaurants don't have such a variety and tasty items. Love the fish,shrimp, chicken and nachos the most! Then again, any of their pasta dishes are awesome. Oh, and if amI really hungry and don't want to wait for delivery, I'll jump in my truck and drive the three miles there and back, and have a smile on my face!


Lauren A.

Mama Vera's is the best kept secret in Livonia. As a customer for nearly ten years, I can say that I've never been disappointed! The food is always great and they have the widest variety of any take-out restaurant that I am aware of.

They made some managerial changes recently, so if you were unsatisfied, I would give it another shot. Keep in mind that this is a small restaurant, which preps fresh ingredients, uses family recipes that they have for years, and makes your meal to order. Personally I would rather wait for something delicious, than settle for the quickest option!

Recommendations: 1) You absolutely must try the Vera's Special pizza. The roasted red peppers with garlic and basil are to die for. 2) Cod dinner (ask for a side of hot sauce!) 3) The rib & chicken combo. Two of my favorites side-by-side. You can't go wrong!


It's really simple: They have fantastic pizza. Really great pizza speaks for itself and they do it. I'd recommend them to anyone, easily delivery and reasonable prices.